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I am a big fan of spending time outdoors and exploring new places. I studied Plastics Engineering in college and worked as an engineer at a medical device company for the last 4.5 years. I love to travel and decided to do it now instead of later.  So I quit my job and am traveling the world with Dave for a year.


I’m a Midwesterner who relocated to New England after graduating college to work as an Industrial Designer at a research and development company. I love the outdoors and have been enjoying them as much as possible, in as many ways as possible, since my early days as a Boy Scout. ‘The outdoors is a place that both thrills me and brings me peace at the same time. The other big passion in my life is travel. I love that it allows me to experience the culture, history, food, and architecture (old and new) of so many different places. Now I get to experience all of those things for a year, and this time with a beautiful girl. Bonus! 🙂

Sarah                                                                             Dave                                     

Why we’re taking this trip:

After several great years at our respective companies we decided it was time for a change–time to hit the refresh button. We spent quite a while searching for ways to hit that refresh button and eventually it became obvious that travel was just the way to accomplish that. And not just another one of our two-week travel vacations. We wanted something bigger, longer, and hopefully at a slower pace.

We both love to travel and have taken several big trips together during our relationship, both domestic and international. We also traveled a bit before we met. At the end of each of those trips it never felt like the 2 weeks or so that we traveled was enough to experience all there was to see and do in the places we visited. It sort of felt like The Amazing Race television show. All of our activities were tightly scheduled, the pace was hectic most of the time, and we were exhausted at the end of it. Once we decided to travel, the next question was for how long. We obviously wanted to travel for as long as possible, or whatever that meant; but there are always constraints, self imposed or not. So we decided to use the weddings of Sarah’s older brother and younger sister as bookends to the trip.  The weddings were planned to take place about a year a part, which felt like a substantial enough chunk of time to dig in deep, yet not too much time away from home. So, it was settled, a year it would be.

After much planning and much saving, we’re confident that we can make this big trip a reality. We plan to use this time to slow down a bit, yet find new ways to challenge ourselves. Preparing for the trip has already taught us so much. We hope to learn more, see more, do more and share those experiences with our friends and family, and anyone else for that matter that might stumble upon our blog. So, we hope you enjoy, and are maybe even inspired, by our journey.

Sarah and Dave (a.k.a. Peach and Bones)


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Uncle Warren

    Have a wonderful / safe trip you guys, we are all very excited for you as well as a little envious. We’ll keep in touch here. Be sure to keep us posted. Love you!

  2. Carol M. Ring

    Hi David (and Sarah)
    Congratulations on making a trip many people dream of all their lives!
    I wish you a great adventure, safe travel, and believe what you will learn about people is so powerful
    it will stay with you forever. I’m so excited for you~! Enjoy every moment, Carol Ring

  3. Sebastián Ruiz

    Espero todo marche perfecto chicos!… Los extraño mucho!… LOQUITOS!

    • Todo va bien. Gracias. Y hace falta un loco para conocer un lunático. 🙂 (Google Translate)

      Everything is going well. Thanks. And it takes a lunatic to know a lunatic. 🙂

  4. Bo

    Sarah and Dave!
    Namaste! Thanks to You , your adventure in Annapurna Circuit in Nepal I am closer to my son, who at this moment is traveling in the jeep to Pokhara from Besi sahar. Thank You very much for sharing your experience, pictures, stories with those who have a passion for traveling like You do.

    • Yay! I’m so glad that he was able to go there and hike it. It really is an amazing place. I hope he enjoyed it and thanks for checking out our blog!

      Sarah and Dave

      • Bo

        He made safe to Pokhara -Nepal yesterday.
        Sarah, Dave! I wish You Happy New Year and never ending LIFE ADVENTURES!
        I shared your experience with other people and they are very grateful for your info about China.

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