Current Location and Map

We are currently in: Massachuetts, U.S.A.

When and where we are going:

Click the map image to be redirected to an interactive Map:



13 thoughts on “Current Location and Map

  1. Jason D

    Hey guys! It’s awesome to see you’re really doing it! No pictures of beaches and margaritias – you’re clearly diving right into your plan. Have a safe and awesome trip. I’ll be looking for more dispatches!

    Jason D.

  2. Lisa Elkareh

    Jay and I are loving your blog! Have a safe trip! Keep up the great photos.

  3. April

    I don’t see any new pictures and I cannot figure out where to find them.

    • You’re on the current location and map page. You need to go to the home page. If you click Peach and Bones on the top it will bring you to the page where all the new pictures are. Also, not all the pictures will load sometimes if you don’t have a good enough connection.

  4. Ruben

    Hola Sarah y David, may Bellas las foots de Peru, ansioso por ver las que Han tomado en Cusco, Los sigo con entusiasmo paso a paso cuidense.

  5. Jim Rowe

    Great blog. My wife and I are from Maine and spend winters in Chiang Mai, Thailand area. Give us a shout, if you make it here.

    • Hi Jim,

      We’re happy that you’re enjoying the blog. Thanks for checking it out. We’re in India right now but plan to head back to Thailand sometime in May, with family that time around. During that visit we hope to make our way to Chiang Mai. You’ll likely be gone at that point. We’d love to hear any recommendations you might have for our visit though.

      Where in Maine are you from? Sarah’s family has a camp in Carthage, ME that we visit several times a year.


  6. Ivy Loh

    The blog on Langtang was great and the photos were truly amazing!!

    Thanks. Needed to know other people’s experiences with Langtang before embarking on it.


  7. Jim and Nancy

    Dave and Sarah,

    It’s great to see you with the elephants. Have you read the story Modoc? It is a great story.

    Are your parents still with you on the trip or did they go home?

    Talk to you soon,


    • Hi Jim,

      We have not read the story Modoc but we’ll look it up now that you’ve mentioned it.

      The parents were only able to spend two weeks with us and so they’ve been home for some time now. Jen, one of the family members, is still traveling with us though.

      – Dave

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