Hello world!

I’ll let our very first post be a little something about why we decided to create this blog.

Dave and I are youngish adults (I say youngish because Dave is over 30 and I’m not. So I’m the young and he’s the ish) who decided a break from work was necessary to do what we know we love to do; travel.

We know a lot of people who save their whole lives and wait to do what they love after they retire when they are 65 or older. We couldn’t wait. So we saved money, quit our jobs, and decided to travel the world (well, more like three distinct areas of the world, but we’ll make it simple and say the world) for a year.

After the shock wore off when we broke the news to our families, friends, or coworkers we heard a lot of “you better send us some post cards” or “keep me updated on where you are.” The easiest way we decided to do both of those things was through this blog. So…here we are.

We can’t guarantee the best writing or grammar, but we’ll make sure to post enough pictures to make up for that. Enjoy the blog!!





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11 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Stay safe and have fun! I’ll look forward to hearing all about your travels!

  2. April

    Hello from America. I just visited your blog to see what you guys are up to. It sounds like you’re having a good time there and staying very busy. Take more pictures as we look forward to your next adventure. I was going to ask how you get your exercise in but needless to say, walking everywhere is your exercise. It would be funny to see what people think if they see you jogging though. Let me know.

    • Hi Mom. We definitely do a lot of walking, and will probably be doing more once we’re done with school. We did go for a jog once but it was kind of difficult because of the higher elevation and pollution. Hopefully we do a bit more jogging once we’re in a different location and have acclimated to the higher elevation.

  3. You two are amazing! Great blog! Love the pictures!


  4. Tony

    Very cool – looks like you are enjoying the experience.
    The blog is awesome – keep it going.


  5. Tonya

    It looks and sounds like you you guys are having a wonderful adventure. I wish you all the best on your travels and hikes. I love your photos and blog as well as everyone else. Can’t wait to see and here about your next adventure. You guys stay safe!! I love you:)

    • We’re glad you like the photos and blog. Thanks for checking it out. We’re in Quito, Ecuador right now and hope to post something soon about our most recent experiences.

  6. Uncle Steve

    we MISSED you both in Maine this past weekend…. but we all had a great time anyway!…LOL

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